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A Roundabout at the bus station – MLYNSKE NIVY

The roundabout –  MLYNSKE NIVY

The underground roundabout as part of the new bus station in the capital city of Slovakia



HB Reavis Management s.r.o.

Bratislava (Slovakia)

Project duration:
11/2018 – 02/2020

Project in numbers:
6 500 m³ (Total amount of concrete)
1 196 tons (Total weight of reinforcement)
14 750 m² (Total area of formwork)

Detailed characteristics

After long 35 years without any modernisation of infrastructures in the urban area Mlynske Nivy, in the centre od Bratislava, it was inevitable to bring a new solution. By replacing a complicated crossroad with a new infrastructure solution, traffic in the entire area became significantly smoother. The most crucial task was to build the monolithic reinforced structure as a waterproof object while the river Donau flown not far away from the site. The hydrostatic pressure was reaching up to 30ft water column and in order to ensure the static’s and waterproof’s requirements, we had to build in almost 1 200 tons of rebars along with bitumens membranes and special joint sealing profiles to avoid any leaking. The roundabout was designed as intersection with diameter 98.5 ft with 4 separated access roads under the ground level.

Technical specifications

Before we could even initiate any works under the ground level, the main contractor had to build soldier piles with separating membrane and drilled a many piles to reached required static conditions. The reinforcement was done partly even in the 4 layers of rebars with diameter 25 and 28mm.
The modernisation of the main infrastructure, especially a transport station and the underground roundabout as a part of it, became the biggest ongoing private project at that time according the magazine PROPERTY EU. 

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