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A nitric acid plant – SYRA4

The Nitric acid plant – SYRA4

The new industrial chemical construction to increase




Köping (Sweden)

Project duration:
07/2016 – 03/2017

Project in numbers:
7 000 m³ (total amount of concrete)
400 tons (total weight of reinforcement)

Detailed characteristics

The chemical industrial factory located approximately 140km northerly from Stockholm was one of our project in Scandinavia. The construction was demanding not only for its high safety requirements , but also for the climatic conditions in the area. In winter the temperature reached daily lower than – 10 degrees and the sun did not rise above the horizon for more than just few hours per day.  All construction work was kept under high safety regulation – classification equals to the level work in a power plant.
Each of our worker was invested with 2 pieces of eyes and breathing protection. Every man had to use it all the time.

Technical specifications

The construction of the main production unit of the  at the Ledvice Power Station included building of a boiler room, intermediate machine room, machine room and control room. It was particularly unique due to the quantity of its reinforced concrete structures and stilts and to a large volume of the excavation works at a single location in a relatively short time. In order to install the given technology, it was necessary to complete the construction of the three main buildings within 12 months. Upon the completion of the assembly of the boiler room technology and of the turbine, modifications and final works were implemented. From the technical perspective, concreting of couple of reinforced concrete slabs and power circuit wiring for the new power plant represented the demanding elements of the work. They were built in 7 000 cubic meters using PERI formwork.
One of the mandatory requirements was presence of concrete expert securing the quality, consistency and temperature of concrete

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