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designed and manufactured to any specific floor height and application. Eliminates the need for temporary stairs during construction.


Field of application

Fast-track multi-level construction projects and create safe, immediate access to upper floors. Precast stairs provides safe passage for construction teams. Our range of high-quality stairs includes staircase with integrated landings or individual stair flights. As the precast stairs are manufactured to order, design engineers can specify and developed the most suitable solution to match the dimensions of the building. It is always designed and manufactured to individual project specification and dimensions.


  • Shape variability
  • Our own team of designers are eager to help you find the best solution to meet all your requirements
  • The simplified construction process reduces the time, increases the productivity, quality and safety


The concrete grade: C25/30 or higher
The reinforcement: based on type of construction


According the statics calculation and layouts of forms

Our technical team are here to help you with any challenge you are standing in front of.