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Monolithic RCC


The monolithic reinforced structures can be found in all areas of civil construction. The scope of our work includes particularly infrastructure factories, residential and administrative buildings, however we could provide our services in any specific form of needs such as foundations, skeletons, ceilings, waterproof concretes, buttress wall etc.  All listed and much more other construction could be done in variable design and strength of concrete.  Nowadays a clear trend is surfacing. We offers architectural concrete solutions, that are customised and exactly matched to each situation and to the requirements of each structure. In order to give you better service we cooperate with two premium formwork’s systems – PERI and DOKA).

We work daily with our colleagues from the division of precast structures and we could offer you to develop holistic solution that address all your needs, ranging from certified static expertise and readjustment the position and shape of load bearing structures to installation and compaction.
Our colleagues have a comprehensive know-how and years of experience in realisation of fair-faced concrete projects.

Our company participated on many large and middle size projects in the cooperation with other partners. We are still currently active in a number of markets in the Europe, especially in Czechia, Germany and the Great Britain. However we have been involved as well on the various projects in Austria, Sweden and Slovakia.