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The precast concrete foundation transfers the loads of structures into the bearing soils they sit upon and resists lateral earth and hydrostatic pressures.


Field of application

The precast foundation can be produced in different shapes and dimensions to meet every structural requirement. The local foundation structures in form of precast pads are placed on the lean concrete and then the column is mounted on the pad foundation and the bent rebars jutting out from the base. During the production phase of the precast foundation, four anchor bolts are embedded in the central concrete walls. The longitudinal foundation as connection beams has been conceived and designed to obtain a perfect connection between the precast foundation for reducing the lateral strain.


  • No additional workers necessary and reduce the costs compare to a standard monolithic foundation.
  • Employing a precast concrete foundation construction techniques helps to minimise the construction period.
  • Can be employed for both residential and light commercial foundation construction.


The concrete grade: C25/30 or higher
The reinforcement: Steel 10 505


According the statics calculation and layouts of forms

Length:    max 18 m (a connection beam)
Width:     max 0,6 m (a connection beam)
Height:    max 1,2 m (a connection beam)