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The precast structures all shape and sizes at client’s request (L-shaped retaining walls through large-format flower pots to additional elements for the construction of the grandstand).


Field of application

Prefabricated spatial elements with an L-shaped cross-section in the form of retaining and dividing walls to storage of aggregates and other bulk materials, used in the field of transport structures to separate individual communication lines or to stabilise an inhospitable landscape. Retaining walls are always produced individually based on static calculation and layouts of formsin order to choose an optimal solution for your purposes. In the first phase, the requirements of shape an size are essentials in order to develop a design for a specific situation, the method of mounting and allowable pressure.


  • Thank to a load-bearing ability could be used as firewalls, lift well or tie walls
  • All precast structures are produced at stabile conditions in order to provide a fair-face concrete all the time
  • Used in civil, industrial field or for small private clients.


The retaining walls (L-shaped)
The large-format flower pots
The grandstand

The concrete grade: C30/37 or higher (based on client’s requirements)
The reinforcement: based on type of construction

Dimensions :

According the statics calculation and layouts of forms

Length:    max 2,2 m (the Retaining wall)
Width:     max 3,0 m (the Retaining wall)
Height:    max 4,0 m (the Retaining wall)