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Division of Monolithic RCC provides construction of monolithic reinforced concrete in all areas of civil engineering.


Division of precast structures has been active particularly in the celling systems, interior or exterior panels, columns, beams and stairs.


Division of Special Cladding helps you to protect industrial and residential objects, tunnels or interior.


Division of Scaffold and support construction offers variety of solutions for facade walls and industrial scaffolding.

About us

ROCK SALT, s.r.o. is highly developed construction company with own PRE-CAST CONCRETE FACILITY, located in the heart of Europe – Czech Republic. We would be delighted to supply your building structure with any type and size of precast or monolithic reinforced concrete structure for your upcoming project. We take advantage of 3D BIM technology during a proposal and construction work in order to offer you more accurate and profitable solution in stage of planning and execution. The technology decrease an extra costs related to unpreparedness of the building site afterward. Since the beginning , we have been always active on the international market, especially in Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Czechia. After all those years we have established ourself as high-quality and solvent company across the type of structure. Within last few years we have extended our portfolio and expanded also into the Scandinavia and the Great Britain.

O společnosti

Společnost ROCK SALT, s. r. o. vznikla spojením odborných znalostí a dlouholetých zkušeností top  managementu společnosti, který působí na středoevropském trhu již od 90. let minulého století.


Hydro power plant – Manchester, the GREAT BRITAIN


Following the successful project Woolston, our technicians and workers are facing a new challenge. The reconstruction of Mode Wheel lock and rebuilding a new hydro power plant inside. Based on our previous cooperation with the client HYDROPOL Project&Management we have initiated a new project in the centre of Manchester City. Since the beginning our technicians in cooperation with a client had to deal with a difficult task to reorganise original technical documents dated in 19th century and start a demolition job. During the summer, our workers were carrying out the most of the demolition tasks and now we have started with our first casting in Inlet and Powerhouse.

Hydro power plant – Warrington, the GREAT BRITAIN


Within short period of time (5th – 7th March) were installed three hydro Archimedes screws at the Hydro power plant Woolston. They will subsequently generate electricity in quantity of 486 kW. Our employees have been participating here in scope of concrete construction since October 2020 and within upcoming months it is going be put into operation.

Modernisation of the underground station – Hamburk, GERMANY

By 14th of March, the reconstruction work on the underground station Reeperbahn and Königstraße will be completed. The old and unsightly tiles were replaced by enamelled panels to create new and modern look.

The long-awaited modernisation of the Reeperbahn underground station in Hamburg is entering into the final phase. The station became unique thanks to unorthodox appearance, which was implemented in cooperation with the top German artists and designers. The reconstruction of the Reeperbahn station is overall only part of the modernisation of S1 and S3 lines. All project will be completed by 2022.