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Underground station – HAMBURG

The underground station – UPVA – S-BAHN

The reconstruction of the interior space at the station and underground platforms – Stadhausbrücke and Altona.



DB Station & Service AG

Hamburg (Germany)

Date of construction:

Project in numbers:
41 days (duration in days)
130 kg (weight of each  glass interactive panels)

Detailed characteristics

The scope of the modernisation of infrastructure site in Hamburg involved reconstruction the underground stations Altona and Stadhausbrücke as one of the first of several other ongoing projects. A unique construction process had to be adopted to ensure it would not be any disruption and delays in underground schedule. The construction site involved precise programming of works and scheduling of deliveries to minimise disruption to the client. In cooperation with our German general cladding contractor, we had to plan precisely the individual schedule of professions as there was no room for any project delays.

Technical specifications

Passing traffic in both directions meant the capacity was at best 2 trains per 5mins either way. In addition to that, due to difficult access to the platform, deliveries had to be made using diesel locomotives importing panels and glazing. Solution were needed to keep the service running smoothly during periods of working.  RockSalt provided only nightshifts in order to minimise affects on the passengers and line service. The load-bearing columns in the middle of the platform were partially covered by glazing. The design panels were suspended on a steel structure and attached by chemical anchors to the wall. A unique mobile scaffolding system on steel wheels had to be adopted in order to complete the cladding in  a short time period

Other reference structures from the field of Special Cladding