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Woolston Weir – HEP

WOOLSTON Weir – Hydro power plant

Woolston power plant installed on the original arm of the Mersey River near Warrington providing renewable energy for local households



HYDROPOL Project&Management

Warrington (Great Britain)

Project duration:
07/2020 – 06/2021

Project in numbers:
2 378 m² (Total area of formwork)
1 480 m³ (Total amount of concrete)
135 tons (Total weight of reinforcement)

Detailed characteristics

The long-awaited hydro-electric power station was built near by Warrington in order to provide energy for local suburbs. The demanding criteria of setting a foundation in waterlogged subsoil area and reusing original sheet pile walls were successfully accomplished and afterwards our professional workers were finishing the screw channel walls along with turbine room in order to get ready for assembling of screws in April. Woolston power plant was installed on the original arm of the Mersey River near Warrington. It is placed at the existing weir and aims to utilise unused hydro energetic potential of the river. The chambre walls were casted in two steps, each working joint were treated and filled with metal water stop elements in order to meet with the criteria of waterproof structures.

Technical specifications

The hydro energetic plant consists of 3 chambers fully equipped with Archived screws with a planned output of 525 kW. The structure itself was divide into 4 main parts (inlet, powerstation along with riverbed, outlet part). As part of the building process is a brand new fish passage allowing salmon, coarse fish and eels to pass through unharmed. The project was under permanent control process by The PEEL Group in order to complete it by highest British construction standards

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